Our company has developed a web system which enables our clients to login to our site and download our applications, run-times, utilities and other related documents.

In order to gain access to this system, our clients should be registered  (ask our support to do so by sending and email to <support@synthesis.com.cy>.  You will then receive an email containing your temporary password which will allow you to login and have access to authorised systems. You are advised to change your temporary password immediately.

Our download section consists of two main categories. The first category of programmes, & utilities accessible by all our clients, includes Technical Notes (Software Technical Notes, Database Technical Notes and Hardware Technical Notes), Run-Times/Utilities and Useful Documents and Presentations.

The second category includes installation/upgrade programmes and notes related to our systems. So, depending on the systems your company has purchased, you will be enabled to download all related programmes/files. These may be our ERP System, Payroll & Labour Costing, Insurance General Business and Insurance Agencies.

If you do not have access to any of the above, you will be redirected to our home page.