SynIA Insurance Agencies

SynIA Insurance Agency is a complete, sophisticated and user friendly insurance agency management system. Built to be flexible, it will undoubtedly satisfy your company’s growth alongside your current and future requirements. At any moment, from wherever you are within the system, you can reach any information with a click of a button. You can better serve and satisfy your clients by accessing quickly their accounts and policies which are always accurate and up-to date. The system integrates insurance companies, agents, products, policies, claims administration, accounting and management reporting. With its integrated processing features and advanced client-server technology, it is the ultimate solution to administer your business.

Complete picture of Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, Agents and Clients is maintained by the system. Furthermore commissions paid either by the Insurance Companies or to our Sub-Agents are maintained at product level.

Flexible setup of multiple Products under multiple Insurance Companies with extensive parameterization, including items allowed and accounting interfaces for each type of transaction.

Complete set of policy business multicurrency transactions is supported according to the structure of each product, insurance company, client and agent. This includes new business, endorsements, renewals, declaration adjustments and cancellations.

Customization of Rich Text Wordings and Clauses on Policies.

Enquire and/or drill down to customers’, agents’, insurance companies’ related policies (or any other associated entity such as claims and clients) with a click of a button. User defined enquiries are available under each main entity’s window.

Claims are recorded against valid policy pictures along with all their related information (documents, pictures, claimant, third party, legal, etc).

Policy Reinsurances may be registered if your organisation handles directly its own reinsurances.

As per our systems’ standards, events (attachments, actions, events, etc) can be registered under policies, clients and all other entities mentioned above.

Flexible Accounting Interface templates to update your Clients, Agents, Reinsurers and Insurance Companies accounts. Memo accounting may be maintained for sub-agents unable to handle their own accounting.

An extensive set of standard reports is available. These can be accessed through the menu or directly from their related processing windows. As per our standards, all existing reports may be exported, modified or duplicated by the user and incorporated back into the system. This includes policy schedules, endorsements and cover notes. Please note that the user should have extensive experience in report writing.

As per SynPlus system standards, access to the system is secured. Each user can be restricted to the sections of the system he/she is allowed to access and furthermore to the modifications he/she is allowed to perform.

SynIA Benefits

Take complete control of the system by defining your Insurance companies / products relations to meet your exact requirements.

Take advantage of the facilities provided to analyse the performance and profitability of your company.

Register any type of event including files and document attachments.

Filling the maximum amount of information will be very useful for your current and future statistical and archiving needs.

Flexible setup allowing you to get quick results by using the system as little as you want or as much as your company can handle.

Locate your records using a multitude of enquiries based on your own selection criteria and sort them the way you want.

Use the system as a tool and not simply as a register.