Our training courses are mainly divided into three categories.

The first and the most important category, covers the initial training offered during the implementation phase. In these training courses we use data created/imported on the company’s freshly created database.

This also gives us the possibility to spot any ‘data import’ related omissions and at the same time enhance any implementation procedures to be followed. We generally give full explanations and guidelines regarding the program in theory and in practice.

Since Synthesis is committed to software improvements, resulting to continuous training, we frequently organise efficient training sessions with small groups of six persons in order to emphasise existing options ignored or misused by the users and finally get updated of any enhancements and new procedures available in our systems.

Additionally, training sessions can be organised upon customers’ requests for either new employees or get reminded and fill gaps on the proper use of certain functions.

In Summary

  • Training courses are offered during the implementation phase, when a need is created and upon customers’ requests
  • Training courses refer to new/existing customers
  • Training courses take place at our offices (training room) in a small group of six persons, between 9:00 am to 17:00 pm on a date to be agreed by all parties involved
  • Training sessions normally cover: Full explanations and guidelines regarding the program in theory and in practice; Updated or new procedures; Existing options ignored or misused by the users; Specific customers’ requests