Software systems in general are getting bigger and more sophisticated by the day. It is therefore possible sometimes that our customers, primarily committed to their work, cannot be kept updated by changes happening in the software and hardware industry.

Synthesis Software can offer a board consulting service expanding the benefits of having an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in your organization.

Focusing on all the advantages and strengthening the reasons of having a dynamic software system, we can answer all your questions, give you our advice and tips on how to make your business more efficient in terms of time, productivity and costs and at the same time be ahead of the competition. We will inform you on new releases and enhancements that may be beneficial to your company and exist in our system as standard or optional programmes.
So, do not hesitate to call us for a meeting. We will be pleased to attend and discuss on how we can assist you in enhancing your procedures.

In Summary

  • Explain and remind our customers the necessity of using software systems nowadays
  • Advantages of having not just a software system but a dynamic ERP system
  • Answers and cases according to your specific questions and wonders
  • Useful paths and ways to make your business more efficient in terms of time, productivity and cost
  • Tips on how to position your company ahead of the competition
  • Inform you of the advantages when moving in new releases and using enhanced procedures