SynPlus Crushing/Asphalt/Batching

SynPlus Crushing/ Asphalt/ Batching Plant  is a system designed to assist the daily operations related to the production and delivery of crushed raw materials (gravel, sand) or finished goods (asphalt, concrete). It can either function independently or as part of our ERP system linked to our accounting, stock control and job costing modules.

The system provides sophisticated enquiries, reports, statistics and graphs allowing better control over your data and therefore streamlining your daily and periodical tasks.

Key Benefits

  • User friendly with straight forward processes easily comprehended by any person with minimum knowledge on how these plants operate
  • Immediate results regarding the production and the income from your operations
  • Full control of your stock control raw materials when using finish goods recipes

SynPlus Crushing/ Asphalt/ Batching Plant at a Glance

  • Register of vehicles and their unladen weight; Register of contracts under owners/customers; Register of projects under customers
  • User defined pricelists at item, customer and/or project level
  • Sale Orders used for recurring or ad hoc operation
  • Waybills issued against sale orders or registered directly against customers and/or contracts
  • Ad hoc or batch creation of invoices by summarising all customers’ waybills entered within a range of dates; Auto charge of defined services
  • Remote locations’ waybills/invoices electronically imported
  • Accounting is directly updated from customer invoices and contract waybills which may also be received from the Job Costing; Delivered goods may also create Stock Control issue documents subtracting recipes’ raw materials (asphalt/concrete products)
  • Sophisticated enquiries, and statistical production/sales reports
  • Production and Income analysis and graphs
  • Up to six item prices at item level and many more on user defined price lists with/without starting/expiry dates
  • & more