SynPlus Job Costing

SynPlus Job Costing is an invaluable asset for any business’s cost and project management needs. The system is mainly a set of relationships between contracts, activities and cost elements with throughput/production, budgets, selling prices and associated expenses.

Job Costing related transactions are interfaced from documents such as labour timesheets, plant timesheets, materials issues or from any other memo integrated functions available in all modules.

It became the basic tool for major construction and development companies due to its usefulness, its accuracy and time efficiency byavoiding duplication of input and maintaining complete audit trail.

Key Benefits

  • Full control over your expenses and immediate comparison with defined budgets
  • Maintenance of Quantities Survivors’ certified productions for more precise forecast results
  • On time and accurate results with full audit trail for all interfaced documents
  • Receives data from all modules thus avoiding duplication of work

SynPlus Job Costing at a Glance

  • Single/Multi company or stand alone operation
  • Predefined contract/activity/cost element structural templates
  • Copy and create a new contract structure from an existing one
  • Automatic creation of contract/activity/cost element relationships as per given authorities; Import budgets/selling prices from text files
  • Import Job Costing transactions from other Synplus modules (accounting, payroll, inventory, plant, etc) and external files from third party systems
  • Budgets (cost/selling) entered manually or imported from files
  • Reports are produced including transactions from other modules not yet interfaced and still outstanding in the originating module
  • Powerful enquiries/reports providing full audit trail
  • Contract/Project/Activity statements with projection figures by applying implemented ‘forecast’ and ‘learning curve’ rules
  • Transactions analysis reports and graphs
  • & more