SynPlus Plant Costing

SynPlus Plant Costing  can be described as an industry specific application, which can be implemented to companies owning or managing any number of plants working for either their projects or any external client.

Plant Costing is characterised by accuracy and flexibility since it gives the possibility to control income and expenses as per defined expense categories and income charging rates or even do so as per plant sub-rates.

Key Benefits

  • Clear and consistent picture of your plants based on their income and expenses
  • Control fuel consumption by comparing it to hours worked under given projects
  • Calculate your rates as often as required as per economical fluctuations
  • Auto creation of debit notes and subsequent updating of our SynPlus Accounting and Job Costing modules

SynPlus Plant Costing at a Glance

  • Maintenance of Company’s and clients’ plants with all necessary static and dynamic information; possibility of assemblies
  • Register plant physical movement and owner project (if any)
  • Plant charging rates calculated using our Excel style formulas; values can be selected from an abundance of user defined variables and plant/group of plants and owners columns
  • Plant estimate rates and market value calculated using the same process
  • Contracts/Projects owned by the company or its clients; possibility to define special charging rates for each and every project or group of projects
  • Plant income can be either registered manually, imported from external devices/files or auto calculated as per defined formulas based on contract allocation, meter reading or even vehicle consumption
  • Plant expenses are automatically interfaced from our SynPlus Workshop and Stock Control systems or manually registered by the users
  • Auto calculation of owning cost and depreciation expense
  • Powerful standard or user defined enquiries
  • Invoices, debit notes, plant/contract statements, income/expense comparison analysis reports and graphs
  • & more