Unless your company employees high quality people who were previously involved in the implementation of our system, we strongly advise our customers to make use of our implementation services.

The implementation by itself is one of the most critical and most expensive parts towards a successful computerisation. Each company has its own needs and requirements that are mainly based on its type of business and the way it operates.

We study each and every part of your company’s procedures and advise you on how to enhance them and implement them as quickly and accurately as possible. Implementation and training procedures are then agreed and signed thus creating an implementation document followed by both parties.

Migrating from other systems to Synthesis SynPlus will probably require a conversion processes to be put in place and agreed by all parties involved.

In Summary

  • Implementation is the most critical stage in the whole procedure
  • Use our implementation services to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Examine each company based on its business type, requirements and procedures
  • Advices and suggestions in order to enhance your organisation’s procedures
  • Prepare implementation documents to be discussed and agreed by both parties
  • Inform you of the advantages when moving in new releases and using enhanced procedures
  • Quick and accurate implementation customised to your organisation
  • Agree and prepare conversion process when migrating from other systems to Synthesis