SynPlus Financial Management & Accounting

SynPlus Financial Management & Accounting is a complete and reliable financial solution for all types of business and organisations. It integrates the functions of the nominal ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash books and fixed assets (optional) all into one system.

It is designed in a way to facilitate and speed up the end users’ operations by automating manual processes and enhancing accounting and financial management reporting. It incorporates all major procedures needed to be always in touch with your banks, customers, suppliers and governmental institutions.

It is completely integrated with other SynPlus & third party software providing seamless flow of information across modules that can be audited and checked on the spot with a click of a button. It is undeniably a very powerful tool in the hands of financial and power users by improving data clarity through custom enquiries and sophisticated management/analytical reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Speed up the implementation process by using pre-existing chart of accounts, document definitions and reports created to satisfy several business environments
  • Flexible setup allowing you to get quick results by using the system as little as you want or as much as your company can handle
  • Control the access to your accounts, documents and balances based on users’ duties, involvement and position within the company
  • Get full clarity and control of your data by arriving at the source of the input; drill down to the origin of each accounting transaction from any available enquiry and/or report
  • Streamline your business through a seamless integration of your Accounting with your SynPlus Inventory, SOP, POP, Job Costing, Payroll, Insurance, Workshop, Crushing/Asphalt/Batching and Plant Costing modules
  • Have a consistent picture of your assets by doing the work once. The rest comes automatically and you know that is correct

Accounting & Financial Management at a Glance

  • Multi-dimensional accounting including debtors, creditors and contacts
  • Cost Centres / Project accounting with quantities and values
  • Budget and Forecast based on custom setup
  • Consolidation of companies through management reporting or by transferring summarised/detailed data
  • Multi-currency system with automatic generation of realised/unrealised gain or loss transactions
  • Transaction templates, duplicate documents, reverse entries, VAT auto calculation
  • Re-distribution of costs/expenses based on user defined rules
  • Automatic generation of Intercompany transactions as per defined rules and structure
  • Bank reconciliation using downloaded bank files
  • Auto generation of supplier cheques, remittances and bank direct debits
  • Interest provisional calculation with automatic capitalisation
  • Debit advices and documents under factoring send to the bank; Automatic creation of receipts from successful replies
  • Statements/Reports including outstanding documents or even documents from other SynPlus systems not yet interfaced
  • Custom defined analysis at document and transaction lines level with parameterised accounts restrictions
  • Salesmen commission released upon allocation of receipts against invoices due; Batch auto-allocation of receipts
  • User defined management reports with up to 24 columns and unlimited lines using cellular expressions for colours, fonts & sizes
  • VAT reports, VIES files complying with tax regulations
  • Appointments, visits, notes & timesheets against accounts & contacts
  • Events, reminders & attachments against accounts, documents & visits
  • & more

Fixed Asset Register Highlights

  • Flexible multiple groupings (categories, departments, locations, etc)
  • Accounting and Tax (Wear & Tear) depreciation calculated on a month by month, yearly basis, manually input or calculated based on asset’s operation hours
  • Seamless both ways interface with accounting (purchase/sale of assets, calculated depreciation), stock and plant modules
  • Depreciation, valuation reports for current and past periods
  • & more