SynPlus Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance

SynPlus Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance is a state of the art payroll solution with a touch of human resource management and time & attendance sub-module, suitable for any type of business. It offers a flexible and comprehensive solution that organises, integrates and simplifies complex business operations.

The multitude of parameters and processes incorporated into the system enable your administrator to setup the operational environment as per your company’s structure and needs.

One of the main advantages is that the system is simple, straightforward and the payroll is issued without any real effort. Once the periodical data related to time & attendance (if in use) is input/imported, the payroll is then calcuated in seconds by running a single process.

Key Benefits

  • Maintain full control of your employees’ information; Take advantage of the accurate and reliable processing and reporting
  • Get complete picture of your company’s figures with a click of a button. See individual employees’ data including current and historical information from the same screen
  • Maintain correctly your employees’ leave register using the facilities provided by the system; let the system do the rest
  • Monitor your company’s costs through your Time & Attendance sub-module. During these difficult times, monitoring the costs is probably your primary task towards company’s profitability
  • Streamline your business through a seamless integration of your Payroll with your SynPlus Accounting, Job Costing, Workshop and Plant Costing modules
  • Automate your Provident Fund with immediate update of your accounts and through batch update of your Fund A, Fund B and loans accounts

Payroll System at a Glance

  • User defined earnings, deductions & contributions using Excel like formulas with columns and computed fields selected from almost all payroll tables
  • User defined input formats, help narratives, validation rules and messages
  • Multiple of parameters, restrictions to financial/historical records
  • Monthly and/or Weekly paid employees defined under multiple payment categories and employment agreements
  • Numerous employee data including basic information, user defined codes, leave entitlement, permits numbers and dates, bank details, comments, digital attachments and events
  • Current/past years payroll maintained under the same database
  • Keep history of changes in employees and parameter data
  • Automatic calculation of salary increases and arrears due as per defined rules and agreements
  • Auto calculation of leave and extra salary settlement amounts
  • Batch acceptance of periodical entries, effortless payroll calculation and creation of log file containing employees’ income tax calculation sequence
  • Printing payroll payslips and reports as per standard or customised layouts
  • Creation of Bank money transfer file and printing of cheques
  • Electronic media to Social Insurance and Income tax authorities
  • & more

Human Resource Management Highlights

  • Employee permits with starting and expiry dates; picture, contact, spouse & previous employer information
  • Extended annual leave information facilitated by defined timetables and controlled by implemented annual/sick leave entitlement rules
  • Education, Skills, Seminars and Appraisals register
  • Expenses and Travel history register
  • & more

Time & Attendance Highlights

  • Maintenance of timesheets against contracts, activities, jobs and projects
  • Input of timesheets through manual or batch input
  • Import timesheets from ‘Hand Held Terminals’ (HHT) or any other application that produces entries as per agreed layout
  • Costing method option; the payroll entries are automatically created/updated from the timesheet inputs and upon payroll calculation the cost is distributed to the originating entries
  • Allocation method option; the payroll is first calculated (based on the total units communicated) and when the timesheets are entered, the system automatically distributes the payroll cost
  • & more