SynPlus Workshop/Garage/Maintenance

SynPlus Workshop/ Garage/ Maintenancemodule is a great tool for any business that wants to keep track over the repairs performed and the maintenance schedule of plants, vehicles, projects, equipments or any kind of installation owned by the company or its clients.

Powerful program that eliminates any hassle arising from plant/vehicles/equipments service related issues and gives at the same time a clear picture thus allowing a much better control over either own or clients’ equipments.

Key Benefits

  • Full control over your equipment/vehicles enabling you to spot the costly ones
  • Full audit trail of all documents interfaced from/to any other SynPlus module
  • Reduce manual input to the minimum by automatically creating work/repair orders, requisition documents and by avoiding duplication of timesheets and store issues

SynPlus Workshop/ Garage/ Maintenance at a Glance

  • Multi-workshop with user defined access restrictions
  • System can be used as a workshop for repairing and servicing plants/equipments or maintaining installations under service agreements
  • Service or repair work orders created manually or automatically as per defined parameters
  • Automated or ad-hoc creation of Service work orders that initiate the requisition process for the supply of spare parts, as per defined service plans, from either company’s internal stores or external suppliers
  • Maintenance agreements at installation or at equipment level
  • Bidirectional interface with SynPlus Stock Control and Payroll systems
  • Register, schedule and complete technician visits
  • Batch or ad-hoc completion or work/repair orders with automatic updating of SynPlus Accounting, Job and Plant Costing (where implemented)
  • Full history of plant/equipment services, repairs and readings
  • Powerful standard or user defined enquiries
  • Invoices, debit notes, statements, expense analysis and graphs
  • & more