SynPlus Sale/Purchase Order Processing & Stock Control

SynPlus Sale/Purchase Order Processing & Stock Control is a complete, powerful and reliable system that incorporates all the major functions needed to satisfy the majority of today’s inventory, sales and ordering requirements.

In the competitive world we live today, it is unquestionably the right tool for your organisation by giving you a clear and consistent picture of your data thus helping you improve your inventory management, sales capabilities and ordering procedures.

The flow of information represented by different documents can be followed up across all modules with a click of a button. Through a proper use of our system, the decision making process is greatly facilitated. This is achieved by implementing rules and actions against each document and by giving to the users authorised access to statistical, past and forward information related to accounts, items, sales, purchases or anything that seems to be necessary to improve and speed up their performance.

Key Benefits

  • Take complete control of your inventory management, sales & purchasing operations by using powerful existing and user defined enquiries/reports /graphs
  • Configure your inventory’s workflow by defining custom documents and by taking related actions before finalising
  • Setup flexible pricing/discount structure allowing your system to suggest and authorised users to overwrite
  • Place your purchase orders directly from your system using custom suggestion rules. We all know what overstocking will do to your business
  • Streamline your business through a seamless integration of your Stock Control with your SynPlus Accounting, Job Costing, Workshop, Crushing/Asphalt/Batching and Plant Costing modules
  • Reduce work load by importing supplier prices and discounts directly from files

Stock Control and Inventory Management at a Glance

  • Items/Services with many standard and unlimited user defined groupings for classification and reporting purposes
  • Attributes used to describe items’ characteristics, synonyms with search capabilities and items’ related events
  • Multiple barcodes on each item and separate barcode on every item/size relation (items with sizes)
  • Consignment/Batch/Expiry-dated items with tracking control
  • Serialised items (electrical, electronic devices) with related repairs and services provided
  • Items recipes/sets for production/consumption control
  • Average costing at location level and document specific costing for bonded warehouse
  • Costing of goods based on amount, volume, weight and tariffs
  • Stock take, Sales/Receipts automated procedures through Hand Held Terminals (HHT)
  • Auto generation of over-sales and stock devaluation adjustments
  • Events, reminders & attachments against items & documents
  • & more

Sale Order Processing, Invoicing Highlights

  • Up to six item prices at item level and many more on user defined price lists with/without starting/expiry dates
  • Quantity Discounts defined at any required level
  • User defined customer credit and overdue invoices control
  • Point of Sales (POS) and Hand Held Terminals (HHT) module
  • Loyalty Card Members scheme
  • Auto generation of store to store demand notes based on either static or dynamic selection criteria
  • Budget control, Statistical Analysis and Performance Credit Notes
  • & more

Purchase Order Processing, Purchases Highlights

  • Supplier prices and discount agreements; History of supplier prices for enhance purchasing control
  • Auto generation of Purchase Orders based on either static or dynamic selection criteria
  • Custom rules for each and every step of the supply chain
  • Goods In Transit, Direct Shipments, Direct Issue Vouchers
  • & more