About Synthesis & where it all started

History & Objectives
Synthesis Software Ltd was founded in 1989; we are a Cyprus based Information Technology Company and our primary objective is to provide sophisticated business solutions to a selected group of companies.

Management & Staff
The management and staff of Synthesis have the academic background, the expertise, the willingness and enthusiasm to handle challenging projects with the highest possible rate of success.

The combination of gained experience and continual self-improvement allow us to persist in innovative developments and enhancements of our existing systems despite the increased competition and the difficulties of the local market.

Over the years, we have proved ourselves as one of the most professional and reliable companies. We are committed to our customers who rely greatly on our systems and experienced teams.

What do we offer

Synthesis is in a position of providing a full range of products and services towards information systems management covering a variety of business sectors including accounting, insurance, trading, construction and manufacturing.
We constantly improve our systems by taking into consideration the needs of the local and international market and the special requirements of our existing and potential customers.
The purchase of a software is just the beginning. Here at Synthesis, we make sure that we understand your needs and ensure that your implementation and training are done in the most effective way.
General purpose training sessions/seminars are organized periodically for our customers demonstrating new enhancements and at the same time emphasizing existing options ignored or misused. We also organize seminars covering our clients’ specific requests.

Professional Development & Support

Our Team Managers

Marios TofaridesFounder, Managing Director
Marios Tofarides has more than 35 years experience in software development, implementation and management. Leading the company, he has successfully managed to promote it as one of the most reliable and professional companies in the country. He was closely involved in major projects developed and implemented locally and abroad. Under his supervision and guidelines, the company among others, has developed its Stock Brokerage/ Portfolio management and General Business Insurance systems. He also supervises both our ‘Research and Development’ and ‘Sales and Marketing’ Departments. Marios holds M.Sc. and DEA degree in ‘Informatics’ from UPS Toulouse, France.
Stelios StylianouDevelopment Manager
Stelios Stylianou is responsible for the company’s software development and he is deeply involved with our ‘General Business Insurance System’. He has more than fifteen years experience in software development and implementation. Stelios works closely with our ‘Implementation and Support’ Department and contributes greatly to our ‘Research and Development’ Department.
Skevi TofaridouImplementation/Support Manager
Skevi Tofaridou is at the head of our ‘Implementation/Support’ department. Skevi has more than thirty years experience in business software industry and has taken key roles on a large variety of business software implementations. She works closely with our clients, the members of her team and both our ‘Development’ and ‘Sales/Marketing’ Departments. Skevi holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus.