Sybase Informaker

InfoMaker is the powerful, easy-to-use reporting tool that enables you to query a wide range of databases and sources and create sophisticated reports and forms—without memorizing arcane commands, writing code, or learning a language. More than ever before, you require fast and intuitive access to enterprise information. You need to create sophisticated queries, analyze data, print hard copies, and electronically share your results easily with coworkers, managers, customers, and partners. There’s no time to wait for specialized programmers to create inflexible reports that you can’t modify or “drill through” to obtain important granular details. There’s no time to wade through screen after screen, page after page of irrelevant results. And there’s no time to spend learning complex languages and syntax. InfoMaker provides wizards to create multiple reports—simultaneously and rapidly. A graphically rich environment enables you to unlock information through point-and-click query construction—you don’t need to learn any SQL commands or syntax to access data.
Templates for instant report layout, seamless connectivity to databases, and point-and-click query construction put you quickly in touch with the information you need. Corporate data becomes clearer, more readily available, and more visual than ever before. InfoMaker is the fast, intuitive way to make information make sense.

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