SynPlus On Cloud

Synthesis is an established software developer and vendor with systems running for many years by a multitude of large, medium and small companies engaged in a wide range of activities (wholesale, retailing, constructions, insurance, accounting, services, etc).

Acting as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), we now offer “Software (or SynPlus) As A Service” (SaaS) platforms running on the “Cloud” under a multitenant environment.

Our “SaaS” option is offered to potential clients who do not want to purchase the application but they want to use it as a service. The access of the programs is done through the internet. We can even host companies starting with as little as a single user license.

Our company uses the “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) model of well known providers. “PaaS” is a cloud model in which providers deliver applications over the Internet and host users’ hardware and software on their infrastructure.

There is a general feeling that data kept on the cloud is not safe and therefore may be lost or stolen. We appreciate our clients (or prospect clients) concerns but we guarantee that unless you spend a lot of money and effort securing your data locally, your company is more vulnerable to attacks than when on the cloud. However, like other technology solutions, “SaaS” may not be suitable for your organisation. It is important to thoroughly research the options on an individual basis before implementing any solutions.

Having said all the above, there are actually a lot of benefits when running your applications on the cloud. These are briefly described at the left hand side of this page. We have to point out although the ones we consider really important and worth mentioning.

Takes care of disaster recovery. If some form of disaster should strike your business premises, you can get back up and running relatively easily from any location with internet-connected computers.

Pay as you go without capital expenditure.

Expand your setup when you need it.

Improve your work-life balance by being able to work from anywhere and anytime.

Always have the latest version as we upgrade the solution and it becomes immediately available to our customers.

Share documents and data with other company users. · Avoid multiple installations (due to connection costs or any other issues) and avoid transferring data between those setups.

No extra costs to setup clients’ programs and access rights when a new computer is purchased (upgraded, stolen or lost). Connect to the internet and go.

Be environmentally friendly by using a multi tenant setup where the computer uses the maximum of its resources.

SynPlus On Cloud Benefits

Reduce your cost significantly in terms of hardware, software and energy consumption.

Quick access to your account from anywhere and anytime by simply going online. No requirement of servers and software installations; just sign up from any device using the web browser you like.

We provide the security of your data because we are using the cloud facilities of big and professional organisations.

We maintain the same user friendly interface and give the same facilities as we do with our client/server applications.

Avoid purchasing the system and use the system as long as you need it by paying an annual fee for each concurrent user.

Keep your documents, attachments and inventory pictures on the cloud.

Fast printing using any of your local printers.