Insurance is a complex and multi-variate industry, and we at Synthesis appreciate that any software supporting insurance operations needs to be flexible and reliable. Our SynPlus Insurance and SynPlus Insurance Agents software are secure tools used to manage the needs of any medium to large size insurance operation, and could support the specific requirements of industries such as Motor, Property, Misc. Accident, Marine, Liability, Engineering, Cargo and others.

Our SynPlus Insurance tool provides the insurance company with facilities to configure its own custom products, with the structure, rating and underwriting rules upon which policies and claims are based. In addition, its claims, entities and reinsurance components complete the set of capabilities required to manage all operations.

Our SynPlus Agencies tool is a powerful instrument which integrates an accurate and up-to-date view of insurance companies, agents, reinsurers and clients. Products can be configured and associated against one or more of the accounts, and relevant transactions, including commission, can be logged in detail.

Both products are fully integrated with other SynPlus & third party software, creating a single source of truth and enabling transparency of accounts. Furthermore, standard reports can be generated for both and on demand, and can be tailored by administrators to suit the needs of the company.

Please feel free to download and read our SynInsurance Brochure